All the pretty things

Inspired to write this morning but the subject is grim. Well, I didn’t feel grim when I wrote it but it could be considered grim. It’s about the old cliche, grass is always greener. As my cousin says, it’s because it’s fertilized with manure. I just had a thought about how easy it is to covet things. It’s easy to ignore that when we covet, we also are victim to flights of fancy within our own mind. Our psyche embellishes to satisfy our ego. Everyone has experienced it. That thing or trip, even person, we thought would be so great and would improve our lives one hundred percent ends up disappointing. Think infomercials. How often do the products live up to the hype? Our psyche can be like an infomercial sales person. Hyping up something to make us believe it will compensate for some shortcoming, real or perceived.