Okay, I read an article featuring the cookbook of some blogger ladies called Muy Bueno. Mexican food is an absolute favorite of mine so it wasn’t hard to sell me on buying the book. My fingers tapped the title into the search engine on Amazon and within a week it was in my hot hands. The first recipe I decided to try was red chile sauce. Mainly I chose it because it is included in lots of the books recipes and I had an edible ristra that wasn’t getting any fresher. So, I read the directions and went at it with reckless abandon. As I was removing the seeds, a tickle started in the back of my throat and my nose began to run. Less than a minute later, I felt déjà vu as I hacked coughed and wiped my nose on a towel. The hacking was so bad my husband thought I was dying. I persevered and the chili sauce was worth it. Perhaps if they’d had me making chili sauce in the NBC chamber I wouldn’t have run smack into the wall trying to escape it all those years ago in ROTC. I was not an impressive site. The delicious flavor of the sauce made me want to take a second go at it when we ran through it in two days. I did not want a repeat of the hacking so I decided to be smart and remove the seeds with the chili submersed in water. It was smart. I only coughed twice and very lightly. What wasn’t smart was failing to don gloves.  My hands burned like I’d plunged them into a nest of fire ants. Two soakings of milk, one rubbing down with tomato and a soaking in vegetable oil helped. Drinking three beers helped even more.