The blog title claims its a daily doodle and judging from the lack of posts, I haven’t been keeping up my end of the bargain. Fast forward from a great italian vacation and I’m just feeling so damn uninspired. Between the naked protester biking, driving in Rome and seeing the vatican, the material is there. I’m just not up to the challenge. So, in the interest of sparking some creativity, Im writing anyway.  Here it is, for what it’s worth. My focus has been on running lately. It’s portable and free. My shins have risen up in protest I’m going to ice them and tell them to go suck it. This growing old thing is starting to piss me off. In other news, the revision process continues. It’s painful. Reading my dialogue is like being front row at a feature horror show. Some of the stuff is like, did I really write that?? WTF??? The fact that my house looks like a bomb went off is not helping. Neat nelly I am not! Who the hell are these women who have clean, organized homes? How do they manage it? No sleep? Beating their hubby and kids into meet submission? More importantly, can they come to my house and get all OCD? Where are all the neurotic bitches when I need them?? Alas, they either dont exist or are unwilling to help a girl out. This means I must do it myself. So, I’m off!