Those of you who are close friends know I lost my mother to brain cancer three and a half years ago. Since that time, I’ve met people who have been touched by brain cancer in one form or another. Most recently, I donated to a lady whose brother lost his battle with brain cancer. His wife had also been diagnosed with cancer and the medical costs were overwhelming. Another writer friend of mine recently liked a page on Facebook that was established for a soldier battling brain cancer. He has the same tumor type my mom had. I cried and prayed for that family. Their reality is one I’m too familiar with. It’s like you’ve entered the twilight zone. Your brain is trying to process a nightmare. No words can give them back what they really need: life before cancer. Brain cancer is even more insidious because it changes the mental functioning of your loved one in ways that are hard to describe. GBMs are most insidious because there is no effective treatment; care is only palliative. So, my prayers are with those walking that horrible road. I wish I had some positive story but I do not. You will find yourself on your knees begging, raging and trying to bargain with god. It might work but it might not. Do not lose faith but don’t pretend you have to tolerate delusional positivity either. I’m not overly religious but I believe in god. I believe there is a season for every purpose under heaven. There is even a season to die. Go to your knees. It’s okay. You will stand again. You will be changed but you will stand again.this isn’t the fault of anyone or anything. It’s just the season.