This week has been insane in the Bal casa. It’s the start of football season for the boys. That means practices, games and get togethers. It also means I become mom’s taxi service. The great struggle is keeping things organized and managing to fit it all into the great big schedule. My house looks like crap always during this time period. But, in my previous post I promised that I’d get something creative done and so, over morning coffee, I did just that. I’ve started character development and an outline on a new novel. I’m in love with the story idea and cannot wait to see how the words flow on paper. Yes, I’ve actually written it the old fashioned way. I don’t have any intention of hauling my laptop all over the universe so I’m going to handwrite and then transcribe. It’s a longer process but I think in this way, I can also do a bit of pre-editing so the first draft isn’t god awful. Happy Friday dear friends! I hope your day is creative and joyful!