Well, maybe my thoughts aren’t that deep today. After days of worrying over the shutdown, my mind turned numb. Yesterday, I gave the boys a break from our normal homeschool routine. They finished up a small bit of work and then we flipped on the telly to watch educational programming. My oldest and I learned we want to live in the Alaskan wilderness. Hubby protested so I think we won’t get our way. Bright and early this morning, I planned out todays workload. The boys got started with my youngest finishing in record time. My oldest is procrastinating and doing his level best to irritate. So, I did what any reasonable parent would do when dealing with a nagging kid. I hid in the bathroom. The sound of the shower really muffles that pesky whining. I emerged to find that whining had been abandoned in lieu of a mysterious bathroom emergency. That’s okay, I’m willing to work through the weekend. It’s not like he’s dealing with an amateur here. I know the deal. He thinks he can out-procrastinate me. Oh no. That will not happen. Now that I’m relieved of meal planning for the pending apocalypse, I got nothin but time.