I don’t have a huge sweet tooth. Most times, I prefer the savory side of snacks. Lately, I’ve been baking cookies thanks to Pinterest though.  One of my favorite recipes is a strawberry chocolate chip cookie made with cake mix. Easy and delicious even to this girl. i made a batch for my oldest son’s post football practice potluck. They were a hit. My upstairs neighbor and I exchange food all the time so I thought I’d set aside a cookie for her. Unfortunately, I’d had an awful cold that week and in a moment of extreme weakness, I ate her cookie. That’s right. I gobbled that cookie down. To my credit, I did confess to her. She’s cool enough to have gotten a big chuckle out of it.  Thinking I’d put cookies behind me, I embarked on another adventurous day of homeschooling. Youngest son asked for chocolate pancakes and I obliged. About an hour later, chocolate pancakes AND a cheese omelette had been consumed. The boys started the day and I began the task of being a human cattle prod. After nagging and nudging, I finally sat down to take a break. Youngest son looks up at me, “mom, can you make some cookies or something?”. Oh hell no!