This year has already begun to fly. The end of January is upon us. Realizing this over coffee today, i took inventory of my achievements so far. Grand total: not much. I downloaded two productivity apps at the new year and promptly ignored the push notifications gently suggesting I do some work towards my projects. It’s sort of like I went, “happy new year! F$&k this shit!!”. The house is a mess, and frankly Im a mess. Instead of writing down my usual to-do lists, I’m going to keep a running tab of my daily activities for a bit. Hopefully, I can see where I get the most done and where I waste the most time. Now, if you all will excuse, I have coffee to drink and a quiche to bake.

Oh yeah, I made a jello salad mold this morning. Hubby whimpered and looked scared but I told him he’d have to take at least one bite. More on that on