Parents, WTF happened?!? Okay, I haven’t seen that as a meme but maybe it’s time to create one. This week, for the second time, I’ve read an article about children having their lunch taken away for delinquent lunch account balances. Now, let me state right up front, I think taking trays of food already given to children is wrong. The school should have figured out the situation ahead of time and given the alternate lunch in advance. If they didn’t figure it out beforehand, let the kid have the tray and take it up with the parent. That said, I’m utterly disgusted with the sorry parents for rolling out to the nearest news agency to piss and moan about a situation they are ultimately responsible for creating. Here’s a bold concept, keep the lunch account current. It isn’t advanced mathematics. If lunch costs 2.00 per day and there are 20 days of school in the month, you need to pay $40 for their account. If you are having trouble paying, apply for the free or reduced lunch program. Don’t qualify? Let me ask you, have looked at your budget and made sure you are down to bare essentials? Cancelled that cable? Contacted charitable organizations for help? I’m willing to wager that most folks are simply lax in their handling of their kids’ lunch accounts. Hubby and I have had some heated discussions about this issue. At the end of the day, no child should have to suffer and go hungry because their parent is irresponsible. I’d like to see every child fed. If mom or dad can’t keep the account current, perhaps they need a home visit. Perhaps social services should be contacted. At the end of the day, it is a parents’ responsibility to ensure their children are fed, clothed and housed. It used to be a matter of pride to keep your children nourished regardless of financial circumstances. These days, more and more folks seem to be looking for someone else to blame for their own failings. Yes, the schools handled the situation poorly, but parent, you should be ashamed. If you had kept the account current or contacted to the school to let them know you needed help, this whole debacle would have been avoided.