The Lenten season has begun for Christians worldwide. Though I do not share their faith, I have a particular affinity for this season. I like the concept of giving up something as a tribute to God. Acts of faith are always inspiring. Sometimes, I join in on this season. This year, some friends posted a brilliant link to a church article that recommended some profound things to give up. Things like envy and fear. This ignited a fire in my soul. For as long as I can remember, I have struggled with self-loathing. This is a personal struggle that is very hard for me to write about. In my mind, I’m supposed to be strong, always smiling and such. My reality is that there are days that can be tough. This year, I pledge to quit castigating myself over every flaw, every past mistake and every perceived inadequacy. Today, I quit feeding that little voice that tells me I am not good enough. I quit listening to the voice that says I am defined my past and a prisoner to it. That voice has been given quite enough attention, thank you. I am not perfect and God does not require perfection of me. Every day I wake up is a chance to be the best I can be for myself and for others. My past is history. My future is now. My imperfections do not define me. I work on myself daily but it’s okay if I fall short. Self loathing can suck it. I’m moving on.