I’m addicted to buying exercise programs. Just buying them apparently because actually doing them would have rendered results long ago. I realized it was serious when I purchased two different plans in one week. Seriously, it’s not like I could do them simultaneously since they are both intense. In a rare moment of self awareness, I dug out every program I own. It was shocking!!! Shocking!!! DVDs and booklets littered the floor. Then, I got an idea. What if I actually did all these programs? Not all at once but back to back until I had completed each and every one?! At least I’d have gotten my dollars worth of them,I thought. Scanning the pile I developed a plan of sorts. I’m going to work them lightest to highest intensity. Because I have some that are solely cardio or solely flexiblity training, I will put together some hybrid plans. For example, I’ll start with Tai Cheng and 21 day fix. I’ll try to be consistent and blog my journey as I go. The rules: I must complete them all within their given timeframe. No questions or complaints.