The plan: 21 day fix along with the first three weeks of tai cheng. Tai cheng happens to last 13 weeks so it will continue after I complete the fix. 

Day 1.  Waking up, I noticed I immediately began to try to bargain with myself on the nutrition. Mentally, I decided it was the fear monster trying to convince me to maintain the status quo. I promptly told it to shut up and focused on my plan for the day. Breakfast was shakeology and blueberries. From there, it was time to do some tai cheng. Let me just say, I always forget how much I enjoy tai chi until I am doing it. Note to self: become a tai chi master. After I checked to make sure my downstairs neighbors had departed for the day, I popped in the total body cardio fix from 21 day fix. In the ensuing 30 minutes, I thought I would just die. When the hell did I get so out of shape?!? How could I let it get this ridiculous?!? After a brief moment of anger and self pity, I decided there was nothing to do for it but work hard. The plan is in place; I must simply execute. So, in more profound tenor, I came to a conclusion. This is about more than weight, more than physical fitness. This is about reclaiming myself. For the past several years, I have allowed grief, fear and apathy to fester. My goal is to look in the mirror and once again see the resolute, fearless me; that one who brushed herself off and kept moving when she fell and never allowed herself to become paralyzed in the moment.