Well, perhaps it is the return of the knowledge that I do indeed have glute muscles after yesterday’s workout. Today I worked upper body and did Phoenix tail in tai chi. My muscles are that good kind of sore. That kind of sore that brings awareness. I’m blogging this as I get ready to go for a walk in the vineyards. Truly, I will miss living in Europe. So, following the theme of awareness, I plan to fully relish each step of my walk today. Perhaps will even bring my camera for some photos along the way. Tomorrow, I’m thinking a walk along my favorite trail here is in order. The camera is definitely coming on that one. The birds are out finally and singing at the first glimpse of light in the horizon. It is a beautiful thing to see them inflight. Green buds and shoots are peaking out in readiness for the warm weather soon to come. The air will be fragrant and the grapes of the vines ripening. It is a wonderful world.