of museums didn’t derail me. Despite the libations and brats available everywhere, I did not succumb. Instead,I enjoyed three museums and then went home. In the first museum, there were artifacts ranging from the Neolithic period, the height of the Roman Empire and the beyond. One thing I noticed were the cups and plates. They were tiny!! In these days of supersize and quadruple portions, it is almost shocking to see the small sizes our ancestors were served. Food is generally readily available 24/7 and in enormous quantities to boot. It is no wonder we struggle with obesity. I returned home feeling appreciative of all that I have. This morning I arose and completed my workouts despite sore legs from all of the walking of last night. Today, I dream of new travels and adventures. Trier is now on my list of places to see as it was once known as the second Rome. Perhaps that proves that all roads do, in fact, lead to Rome.