This is supposed to be an active recovery workout. The leg work is pure torture. This little muscle exists on the sides of your glutes that might be there in case God wants to smite you at some point. I may or may not have called Autumn some ugly names during those leg circles. Sorry for what I said when my ass was on fire Autumn. I’m making the kiddo and myself lunch before heading out for a walk. Can I just say that I am enjoying the vegan shakeo way more than I ever imagined! I chose the tropical strawberry. I’ve tried the chocolate, vanilla and greenberry before. I liked them but found that, frankly, I needed to blend them with fruits or milk to make them palatable. What I needed as a shake that was water mixable so I could take it with me. Tropical strawberry meets the need for me. It’s delicious!!! If you’ve tried shakeology but haven’t liked it so far,give the vegan strawberry a shot.