That is my vote for the new title for 21 day fix cardio! Burpees and mountain climbers amongst other things are involved in this dandy. Inhuman noises echoed throughout the apartment. Buckets of sweat purged from my body. I pushed myself hard. Really hard. Though I had to modify, I still got it done. I was whimpering at the end but I made it. Yay! I’m going to be tinkering with my schedule for the next two or three days. Instead of one workout, I’ll be doing doubles. This weekend, I’m headed out on a Boy Scout excursion. My plan is to get my workouts for the fix done by Friday and spend the weekend hiking and sightseeing in Regensburg. I think I’ll also do my 3 day refresh since it will simplify my food choices and remove potential temptation. Now, I must change shoes and go walk!