Today and tomorrow I’m actually tripling up on workouts. Now, I normally wouldn’t recommend tripling up but in this instance, one of the workouts is tai chi and frankly, is not taxing. I consider it a very light active recovery at this stage. This morning, I began with tai chi and transitioned directly into yoga fix. Flexiblity is something I’ve neglected in the past because I’ve always generally been very flexible. I recent years, I’ve noticed a distinct loss in flexibility. Totally unacceptable. My goal is to regain that ground and expand my flexiblity even further. Another goal is to increase my agility. Clumsy is my middle name so I hope to remedy that with agility training. Then again, I could end up in a full body cast. We shall see. You might be looking at the picture and wondering what the hell those shoes have to do with anything. I’ll tell you. They are my new obsession. I don’t normally go in for shoe fads but I decided to give the barefoot trend a try. Pros: I actually feel like my foot is supported more in these than regular trainers. They are so lightweight! Cons: On a slick surface, they don’t give much grip so be careful. The biggest con, IMO, is that they aren’t very breathable. Removing them is actually pretty gross. My feet are (shudder, gasp, gag) moist after taking them off! But, so far, I have overall liked these shoes. I don’t see myself wearing them for running but who knows, maybe I’ll throw caution to the wind and give it a shot. Just me, the trail, and my extremely sweaty feet. Nice.