Last night, I got a bright idea. After watching several episodes of Borgias, I felt the need to see a shark movie right then and there! Now, the only thing I can presume is that predatory political machinations of the Borgias reminded of the oceans’ greatest predator-the shark. So, Deep Blue Sea it was much to the chagrin of my husband. The movie is cheesy and completely unrealistic but that’s part of the fun. So, I was up later than usual and was dragging around this morning. My inner voice told me to skip my workout because today is busy and I leave for the camping trip tonight. Instead of caving, I put my big girl sports bra on and knocked out upper and lower fix just as I’d planned. Upper fix felt good and I went straight into lower fix. My legs were on fire. Those sumo squat holds were just heinous. Perhaps it was a good penance for staying up late and watching dumb movies. Now, I must clean out my vehicle so these kids will have a place to sit!