this weekend I got goat roped  volunteered to drive my son and three other Boy Scouts to a merit badge weekend camping trip. Murphy’s law being what it is, the drive was at least an hour longer than expected. It was 11 pm by the time we got into the camp grounds. Dropping the kiddos off and pretty much abandoning them to the scout masters,I set off in search of my hotel. Luckily, it was not a repeat of the Albergo La Foresta disaster of the past where we spent hours in the dark on an Italian mountaintop trying to find our hotel. I slipped in and went promptly to bed. Sort of. My neck and shoulders were stiff from the drive and I was just wired. After a fitful nights sleep, I awoke and determined I would tackle regensburg. The drive to the city was beautiful. Reaching the city wasn’t hard at all. Parallel parking on the other hand, is something I can no longer achieve. Really. I just cannot. So I gave up my failed attempt and drove off in search of a parking lot. I found one and squeezed my Honda into place. I went off in search of adventure. The town was interesting and pretty. The Abbey ruins were pretty but I was not feeling it. I was tired still and my neck and shoulders were still stiff. I decided to accept defeat and head back to the hotel. It was the right choice. After parking my car, I trudged up to my room and fell asleep. The scoutmaster calling to inform me of our departure time woke me. I must have sounded out of it because right after I hung up, I crawled back in bed and slept two more hours. I awoke disoriented and hungry. Luckily, there is a restaurant on site so I ate dinner. Now, I’m sipping tea and though I’m disappointed Regensburg wasn’t the adventure I planned, I’m still okay with it. The drive up with the kids was really fun.  They are some neat characters. The countryside here is gorgeous and my hotel is really great. It doesn’t get better than that!