I spent the day in Vienna yesterday. Vienna is a neat city. A day trip was like an amouse bouche. It gave you a taste but left you wanting more. Using a city guide and knowledge from some good friends, I spent weeks planning this day. Being a people person, I’m used to presenting a smiling face and being chatty. Normally, I like that because I make new friends. This day, I was concerned I would attract a companion and, out of politeness, be forced to alter my plans. So, I decided to try on RBF. Resting bitch face. A face meant to ward off unwanted encounters but not be mean either. I confess that it worked. I did ward off an unwanted encounter but she was cool to me afterward though I remained cordial. At first I felt guilty, then, I decided that was unwarranted. I hadn’t been mean or impolite, just uninviting. It is possible to friendly and kind without allowing your boundaries to be crossed. This is a new lesson for me and I’m working hard on establishing boundaries. Boundaries are a very good thing. So, let’s move on from that because I don’t want this post to get jacked by high faluting ideals. The day pretty well started at breakfast. The bus stopped at Rosenburgers in Austria. Think European Cracker Barrel. I ordered a kaisermelange coffee and ended up with an unexpected free coffee mug. I was able to choose the mug which I suspect was overstock. My choices were a pink mug with the name Adam or a yellow one with Lady Hillingdon. I chose to be Lady Hillingdon. We arrived in Austria and began a walking tour which, while interesting, was taking way too long. Lady Hillingdon doesn’t have time for that shit. So, I handed in my audio guide and oriented my map. The first stop was the kunsthistorichesmuseum. While I didn’t manage to find Holbeins’ Jane Seymour portrait, a large collection of Rubens and carved alter reliefs satisfied my need for art. The next stop was Cafe Central for Viennese coffee and lunch. I had a Maria Therese style coffee along with a kaiserpflammen pastry. So good my workouts will be doubled this week. From there I went on a review of churches and strolled the city admiring its architecture. I didn’t get to see all I wanted but I’m happy with what I did see. I would love to go back and spend a few days.