Travel can derail the best intentions when it comes to exercise. The more I try to deprive myself, the more I want to indulge. So, some tips from a past exercise program drop out: 

1. Do not pick your vacation to go on a bikini competition diet. Seriously. It’s a recipe for disaster. Try to eat smaller portions and have at least one meal that you keep relatively light. Breakfast works best for me for a light meal. Usually, I can eat some fruit, eggs, and a slice of toast. After that, I can keep lunch to a small item. This frees me up to enjoy a nice dinner. 

2. Depending on how long your trip is, you may find it best to leave the months supply of workout clothes at home. My personal rule of thumb is anything over 4 days and at least one or two outfits plus running shoes come with me. If you need to, burpees, squats, push ups and crunches can be done in or around your hotel. It’s a quick way to workout. Also, walk as much as you can when sightseeing. For my day trip in Vienna, I logged over 7.5 miles. 

3. Don’t feel like an interruption to your program means you need to start over from the beginning. Just take your  trip, come home, and pick up where you left off. Unless you took a 30 day cruise, it should be fine. 

4. Expect the first post vacation workout to suck. You’ve indulged and changed your routine. Your body is going to notice. Just keep going. The kinks will work out in a day or two and all will be right in the world again.

So, as I enter my last week of the 21 day fix and prepare for spring break, I’m going to be thinking about how I can remain active during our trip. I’ve made a small stride (down about a pound and a half) and I know that I can do better. I’m thinking it might be time to roll with some turbo fire. How do you stay on track when you go away?