The final week of the 21 day fix is here. I’m doing the doubles schedule. Because we leave early Friday morning, I’m actually adding a third workout in for the next two days. This allows me to finish up before we depart. My plan is to take a morning run and do a 10 minute trainer circuit in the early morning hours of our vacation. So, my thoughts thus far:

I really like the 21 day fix. It hits multiple muscle groups, uses weights and only takes 30 minutes. Plus, the nutrition plan is easy to follow. That said, I did stumble on my eating. I’d say I was 70/30 for compliance. Not ideal but considering that I’ve lost a few pounds and inches, I’m still pleased with my progress. I will likely continue the nutrition portion of 21 day fix because it is easy to follow. My goal is to hit 80/20 with my compliance. So, what’s the next program going to be now I’ve completed this one? I’m leaning towards turbo fire but we shall see. A final decision will happen by the end of the week for sure.