Yesterday was supposed to be a triple but I was just not feeling the Pilates at all. So, today, I dug deep and completed four workouts. Yes, four. Vienna gave me two rest days and I won’t be able to work out Friday at all. Thus, workout stacking this week. I began with Pilates and moved directly into total body cardio. I followed up with upper fix and then went right into yoga fix. My flexiblity has really increased. My goal is to be gumby. Because I’m more flexible, I’ve decided to knit a shawl using an Estonian lace pattern. I’ve never knit Estonian lace before so this is uncharted territory. It’s great! Best knit I’ve done in a long time despite screwing up and having to start over once already. Here’s a tip: run a lifeline every so often. Ripping back is much easier that way. Post workout, I took and epic sleepy time  nap that I suspect is going to keep me up late tonight. That’s okay. Gumby here will knit and watch Supernatural. I’m flexible like that!