Because this happened:


We stayed a night at our favorite brewery in Belgium. They have an amazing restaurant so we treated ourselves. I don’t regret it at all. My morning began with Fire Starter from turbo fire. It was tough but I hung in there even when the choreography had me confused. Ginger Rogers I am definitely not.  10 minute trainer cardio was next just to get it done. Anyone who believes you can’t get intense in 10 minutes hasn’t met Tony Horton. By 10 am, I had already burned 1200 calories. Currently, I’m hanging out in my workout gear waiting for my neighbors dog to be dropped off so I can dogsit. She’s a cute Pomeranian and we just love her! I’ve scheduled another 10 minute trainer class and have stretch 10 left but I’m going to complete those this afternoon. Why wait? Well, because I usually nap in the afternoons. Don’t judge me. Naps are great. Except, mine are more like extreme daytime sleeping. So, I’m going to workout when I usually nap this week. Hopefully, I’ll get an energy boost and will be able to cut out naps entirely. Goals for the week:

Be consistent!

Be active every day!

Avoid naps!