Yesterday, I noticed during my workout that my feet were hurting. The lateral movements and higher impact were not agreeing with my beloved Merrill shoes. Initially, I thought,well, it’s because I weigh too much and any impact would be uncomfortable. To test my hypothesis, I donned my running shoes for today’s fire starter class. Big difference!!! Overall, the cushioning and stability made me feel sure footed and certainly, it was more comfortable. Does this mean I’ll ditch my Merrill shoes? Nope! They will be on hand for weight training and cross training that doesn’t involve high impact lateral moves. The moral of the story: wear the right shoe for the exercise. It matters! My neighbors cute little dog is here staying with us for spring break so my workouts have been a bit later. Panchi prefers that I walk her before I work out:-) It just so happened that today, I had leftover eye makeup on during my workout. By the end of my session, my eyes stung from the mascara that had run into them. The formula I wore wasn’t waterproof. Big mistake!!! Usually, I don’t wear makeup to the gym at all and now, I remember why. Sweat makes my face feel too gritty to go without washing. Speaking of gritty, my running shoes were super gritty. Apparently, I hadn’t emptied them of all the sand from the Belgian coastline. By the time I was done stretching, I was covered in a fine grit. Blech!!! Now, I have to clean the floor before I clean me!!!