always go awry!! Arriving at the airport, I found the metro info easily enough. One 3 day ticket later and I was on my way. The bus and metro lines I navigated fine. Leaving the metro, on the other hand, caused a bit of a mixup. Not once, but twice I headed confidently in the wrong direction. Usually, this would be a small snafu. When you are toting luggage, it because a painful snafu especially over cobblestones and high curbs. I had just about decided I might actually end up spending my holiday sleeping under a bridge when I decided to try one more time to find my hotel. Now, the cobbles along the pier are significant enough that I had to carry- not roll- my baggage. There is a very real possibility I might not be able to lift my arms tomorrow. My poor delts are toast!!! Want a good dealt workout? Carry hand baggage for a mile!!! I found the hotel at which point I was actually weeping from relief. After checking in, I decided to take a nap since I’d been up since 3:30. I slept like a log and woke to find that my window is right at the terrace—where people sit, smoke and eat. I have no problem with that but waking to see folks literally at my window freaked me out. I immediately pulled the blinds. Thank god I wasn’t in my undies. In a moment of craziness boldness, i ditched taking a cab to my walking tour, opting for public transport instead. This was a big mistake. When you are in a hurry, take the dang cab. One wrong bus later and I’d completely missed the tour. Pretty frustrated with myself, I stopped for dinner at this great little restaurant called Cyrano. What a happy accident!!! The food was very good and the atmosphere really allowed me to relax. Instead of spending the evening mad at myself, I decided (upon the advice of a friend!) to enjoy the adventure. Truth is, I was tired and a walking tour would have been way too much. Tonight’s adventure allowed me to orient myself to the public transport here and get a realistic idea of a reasonable itinerary. Here’s to the journey!! Cheers and thank you, Kelly,for reminding me to chill and take it all in!