I can’t help it. My inner dork just loves these pants. Dreadlocks are the only thing I’m missing to complete the look. Note to self: grow dreads immediately. Speaking of hammer time, I need to hit the iTunes and download some of his stuff. Yesterday, I got into a blue funk. Considering that I just returned from a fantastic trip to Budapest, have an awesome hubby and two great kids plus two ungrateful but terribly cute cats, there is no reason for such a thing. Mentally, I just couldn’t figure it out. WTH? Then, it became clear. Duh!! It’s PCS blues. For you non-military types, that means permanent change of station. Big words for a move. So, I (reluctantly at first) did my workout and made the kiddo turkey bacon. Working out really helped. Getting my hands dirty and doing some painting will help even more. Today, the art must happen. How do you work out of a funk?