This week, I turned forty one-derful. We also attended our last fest here in Germany. Accordingly, beer was involved. Note the picture of the head size stein. Hubby had three. I had one and a half. Definitely not part of any healthy nutrition plan. But, life is about balance and sometimes, cutting loose is the menu. Enter a caveat: if you are commode hugging sick, these tips do not apply. What to do when you rode the wave of intoxication and woke up feeling like microwaved death? Temptation (and a wicked headache) tells you to stay in bed. Do not do this!!! DO NOT! Drag yourself out of the warm cocoon of covers. If you can stomach it, get tea or coffee ( 1 cup only please) and pull on those big girl undies (or big boy briefs). Chase it with a tall glass of water and don your workout gear. Yeah, that’s right. No rest day for you!! 

1. Pop in a dvd, push play or head to the gym and hit the treadmill. It matters not which activity you choose. What matters is that you break a sweat. This will feel like the exercise induced root canal it is for at least five minutes. After you finish a good 30 minutes of sweaty cardio, you will less like you’ve partied like rock star wannabes. 

2. Drink water. Sip it like you’re in the Sahara. Alcohol leaves you feeling parched and dehydrated. Some of that awful ick feeling is your body screaming for water. Answer the siren song!

3. Keep the food light and healthy. Carbs will make you feel better but don’t go crazy. My day started with shakeology and moved onto a small serving of noodles. Tonight is soup and cantaloupe. If you are craving salty stuff, try celery or small servings of protein. Don’t give in and dive into chips or French fries. 

So, while I was in no way being healthy at the fest, I’m not terribly sorry. We completely enjoyed ourselves. It was the perfect last fest. Buckling down on the nutrition ( no treats this week!) and being consistent with my exercise will prevent any major damage. So, if you’ve indulged in a few libations, ate some cake or pizza, don’t allow it to completely derail you. Just turn the page and buckle down.