for me has always been consistency, especially with nutrition. That’s why this blog is my accountability partner in some ways. The posts aren’t always witty or even well written. My goal is just to write about whatever project is on hand. Right now, I’m working my way back to fit. So, candidly, I’ll tell you the truth. The workouts have been done. Workouts I love!! The sweat and the grit culminating in a big endorphin rush is addicting. The nutrition, on the other hand, has been a challenge. My weight has been stagnant the past two weeks. Why? Because I’ve been less than disciplined with my food. Traditional calorie counting just doesn’t work for me. I hate it and tend to not write little cheats here and there. So, it’s back to the nutrition plan from 21 day fix. No calorie counting needed. Cheats are even planned in three times per week if I want them. The container system is so easy. Easy is a big big plus. I’ve also enlisted my husband as an accountability partner. When I want to dive into a bag of chips or eat a burrito while chugging a cold beer, he’s my on-call “eyebrows of disappointment” tether who reels me back in. The ultimate goal: being consistent and disciplined in all areas of my life. Oh yeah, I’d like to have visible abs at some point too. How do you keep yourself accountable?