Crazy move time is in full effect here at Casa Bal. Over the years, I’ve developed a system for planning and packing a suitcase. It can be applied to short and long term situations. I’ve included a video that shows my suitcase packing in-progress. Here is my formula for packing:

  • Step 1: Determine the length of time you will be living from your suitcase. In our case, we will be looking at 10-12 weeks. The example I’m giving here covers 6 days but the formula is he same! Dig out a suitcase that meets your needs. It should comfortably hold your items! Clean it out and remove any old tags. Be sure to attach an ID tag with good contact info. If your bag gets lost or misdirected, this makes it easier for the airlines to identify your bag. Don’t skip this!!
  • Step 2: Once you have your days/weeks figured out, check the weather forecast for your destination. If it’s been warm and is predicted to continue to be warm, you can automatically eliminate unseasonable items. Choose basic staples to mix and match. Add in a few small accessories to make each outfit look unique. Establish a standard travel outfit to wear on travel days. Personally, I choose baggy jeans, a neat knit top paired with slip on shoes and a cardigan. I pack my suitcase from the bottom up. Bottoms and shoes on the bottom. Skirts, dresses and tops in the middle. Accessories and personal hygiene miscellany on top. I usually wedge lingerie in on the sides or slip it I not the front pocket. 
  • Step 3: Here is a video of my process:
  • Extra tips: There is debate as to whether to fold or roll your clothes. I’ve done both and personally found neatly folding works best to maximize space. Consider baggies for your shoes and bringing a thin laundry sack for dirty items. If your bag does not have a waterproof compartment, be sure to pack any liquid items in a ziplock. Be prepared to take them out for inspection if you aren’t checking the bag. Use the front pockets to put items you may have forgotten! Also, if your budget allows and you are not checking bags, consider purchasing travel size toiletries at a local apotheke or druggist upon arrival. The cost may be worth easing your way through security. 

What packing tips do you have?