Today is one of those days where I wish I could talk to my mom. Hell, it’s been a month where I wish I could have a conversation with my mom. Hubby and I made a hard decision that we’d been putting off for years. We decided to sell the home we own in north Carolina. Which, as decisions go, would be okay. Except….we have been renting this home to my sister for five years. After having to dump thousands into repairs, we have had enough of home ownership. Admittedly, we have flip flopped on the sell or keep issue which has hardly been fair to my sister. After agonizing, crying and debating, we decided that now was the time. Because tenant occupied houses are notoriously hard to sell, we decided to give my sister 60 days notice and immediately reimburse her for the carpet she installed upon moving in. She, understandably, felt blindsided and is incredibly hurt and not too happy with me. My eyes are swollen from crying all day the past few days. I fear I have destroyed my relationship with my sister and am just devastated. There is no middle man, no mom to act as a mediator. Just raw, painful hurt feelings. How do you move past the hurt in such a situation? It is our right to sell the home. We truly felt we were being reasonable with our notice. Mom, I wish you were here because I need you, we need you. But, that is not to be. Time is all we have now. Hopefully it will be enough.