Back to the Bullet

 This week, I turned forty one-derful. We also attended our last fest here in Germany. Accordingly, beer was involved. Note the picture of the head size stein. Hubby had three. I had one and a half. Definitely not part of any healthy nutrition plan. But, life is about balance and sometimes, cutting loose is the menu. Enter a caveat: if you are commode hugging sick, these tips do not apply. What to do when you rode the wave of intoxication and woke up feeling like microwaved death? Temptation (and a wicked headache) tells you to stay in bed. Do not do this!!! DO NOT! Drag yourself out of the warm cocoon of covers. If you can stomach it, get tea or coffee ( 1 cup only please) and pull on those big girl undies (or big boy briefs). Chase it with a tall glass of water and don your workout gear. Yeah, that’s right. No rest day for you!! 

1. Pop in a dvd, push play or head to the gym and hit the treadmill. It matters not which activity you choose. What matters is that you break a sweat. This will feel like the exercise induced root canal it is for at least five minutes. After you finish a good 30 minutes of sweaty cardio, you will less like you’ve partied like rock star wannabes. 

2. Drink water. Sip it like you’re in the Sahara. Alcohol leaves you feeling parched and dehydrated. Some of that awful ick feeling is your body screaming for water. Answer the siren song!

3. Keep the food light and healthy. Carbs will make you feel better but don’t go crazy. My day started with shakeology and moved onto a small serving of noodles. Tonight is soup and cantaloupe. If you are craving salty stuff, try celery or small servings of protein. Don’t give in and dive into chips or French fries. 

So, while I was in no way being healthy at the fest, I’m not terribly sorry. We completely enjoyed ourselves. It was the perfect last fest. Buckling down on the nutrition ( no treats this week!) and being consistent with my exercise will prevent any major damage. So, if you’ve indulged in a few libations, ate some cake or pizza, don’t allow it to completely derail you. Just turn the page and buckle down. 


Still hammer time


I can’t help it. My inner dork just loves these pants. Dreadlocks are the only thing I’m missing to complete the look. Note to self: grow dreads immediately. Speaking of hammer time, I need to hit the iTunes and download some of his stuff. Yesterday, I got into a blue funk. Considering that I just returned from a fantastic trip to Budapest, have an awesome hubby and two great kids plus two ungrateful but terribly cute cats, there is no reason for such a thing. Mentally, I just couldn’t figure it out. WTH? Then, it became clear. Duh!! It’s PCS blues. For you non-military types, that means permanent change of station. Big words for a move. So, I (reluctantly at first) did my workout and made the kiddo turkey bacon. Working out really helped. Getting my hands dirty and doing some painting will help even more. Today, the art must happen. How do you work out of a funk?

The best laid plans…

always go awry!! Arriving at the airport, I found the metro info easily enough. One 3 day ticket later and I was on my way. The bus and metro lines I navigated fine. Leaving the metro, on the other hand, caused a bit of a mixup. Not once, but twice I headed confidently in the wrong direction. Usually, this would be a small snafu. When you are toting luggage, it because a painful snafu especially over cobblestones and high curbs. I had just about decided I might actually end up spending my holiday sleeping under a bridge when I decided to try one more time to find my hotel. Now, the cobbles along the pier are significant enough that I had to carry- not roll- my baggage. There is a very real possibility I might not be able to lift my arms tomorrow. My poor delts are toast!!! Want a good dealt workout? Carry hand baggage for a mile!!! I found the hotel at which point I was actually weeping from relief. After checking in, I decided to take a nap since I’d been up since 3:30. I slept like a log and woke to find that my window is right at the terrace—where people sit, smoke and eat. I have no problem with that but waking to see folks literally at my window freaked me out. I immediately pulled the blinds. Thank god I wasn’t in my undies. In a moment of craziness boldness, i ditched taking a cab to my walking tour, opting for public transport instead. This was a big mistake. When you are in a hurry, take the dang cab. One wrong bus later and I’d completely missed the tour. Pretty frustrated with myself, I stopped for dinner at this great little restaurant called Cyrano. What a happy accident!!! The food was very good and the atmosphere really allowed me to relax. Instead of spending the evening mad at myself, I decided (upon the advice of a friend!) to enjoy the adventure. Truth is, I was tired and a walking tour would have been way too much. Tonight’s adventure allowed me to orient myself to the public transport here and get a realistic idea of a reasonable itinerary. Here’s to the journey!! Cheers and thank you, Kelly,for reminding me to chill and take it all in!

Ten minutes and not enough time


That’s me at 75% of my MHR after doing Core cardio from 10 minute trainer. 10 can be intense! I followed it with my turbofire and was drenched in sweat. It was a long day with a lot to do. My new goal is 85% completion of my to do list. That doesn’t sound too impressive but I’m notorious for overloading my to do list. Seriously, no one could reasonably achieve what I apparently believe is possible in one day. So, my 85% is pretty darn good. Time, thief that it is, slipped away from me. I really needed to get that 15% more done. Alas, it is not to be. Today is a page in history. Now, I plan for tomorrow. Do you find that you overload your to do lists? Do you even have one? How do you manage that most precious commodity, time?

20 minutes, is that all?!?

Well, that was the initial thought about today’s workout. Turbofire low hiit 20 is a sleeper. The title sounds easy. It is not easy!!! Even though I was smoked, I felt tempted to go do more. Despite temptation, I decided to use the time to be mega productive. Kiddo and I did one on one math together. After that, I washed the bedding and made the bed. Following up, I unloaded and loaded the dishwasher. Why all the flurry? I leave on my mama-cation this week. I don’t want to leave a hot mess for the hubby. Boy will he be surprised!!! Usually, I’m all about that mess. It’s a trend I’m trying to reverse. Time to put everything in its place! How do you organize your home and life? Any tips? 

Shakeo pie, oh my!!

Pie. It’s a southern staple that graces my memories. Cherry pie was the first pie I ever learned to make under the watchful eye of my grandma. Homemade crust and all!! I remember my grandpa saying that it was really good if you used fresh cherries. Grandma said no one had time to pit all those cherries!! Now, I have some chocolate shakeo that might be older than I care to admit but I refuse to toss it. Since I’m having a love affair with my vegan strawberry, I decided to go in search of recipes for the chocolate. The first was a mug brownie which wasn’t too bad but I intend to tinker with it. My hubby,the brownie hound, wasn’t impressed. Enter honeymoon pie. The recipe isn’t mine but I found it on a website. Basically, it’s a tofu based refridgerator pie. Remember the French silk pie kits that were so popular in the 90’s? Like that but way healthier. So, I whipped it up and stuck it in the fridge. The initial thought was, meh. It’s alright. Hubby thought it wasn’t sweet enough. This morning after my workout, I thought I’d give it another go. Overnight chilling really helped! It tastes sweeter and I’m enjoying it. At 249 calories with 14 grams of protein, I’m digging it! It’s certainly a treat but one anyone can feel good about. I’ll find the recipe and post a link in the comments. Pie, pie oh my!!!! 


Back on the chain gang!

It’s twofer Thursday for me. Feeling a spurt of energy, I hit the spin bike. Hills and speed intervals kicked my ass in the best way possible. It felt fabulous to spin again. As I was finishing, two ladies came in and began a class. Turns out, there is a Tuesday/Thursday spin class at 4pm. The instructor has a very different teaching method but I think that’s okay. Putting away the bike rider snobbery will hurt me none. Attending other instructors’ classes is just as important as teaching your own. Tips, tricks and fresh perspectives make for a better instructor. That’s my opinion anyway:-) How do you keep your workouts fresh? Some folks can do the same thing and remain incredibly disciplined. I’m totally ADD. I get bored about 6 weeks in and have to change it up. This is probably why I own 8 million exercise videos. 


Shoes, makeup, sand and sweat

Yesterday, I noticed during my workout that my feet were hurting. The lateral movements and higher impact were not agreeing with my beloved Merrill shoes. Initially, I thought,well, it’s because I weigh too much and any impact would be uncomfortable. To test my hypothesis, I donned my running shoes for today’s fire starter class. Big difference!!! Overall, the cushioning and stability made me feel sure footed and certainly, it was more comfortable. Does this mean I’ll ditch my Merrill shoes? Nope! They will be on hand for weight training and cross training that doesn’t involve high impact lateral moves. The moral of the story: wear the right shoe for the exercise. It matters! My neighbors cute little dog is here staying with us for spring break so my workouts have been a bit later. Panchi prefers that I walk her before I work out:-) It just so happened that today, I had leftover eye makeup on during my workout. By the end of my session, my eyes stung from the mascara that had run into them. The formula I wore wasn’t waterproof. Big mistake!!! Usually, I don’t wear makeup to the gym at all and now, I remember why. Sweat makes my face feel too gritty to go without washing. Speaking of gritty, my running shoes were super gritty. Apparently, I hadn’t emptied them of all the sand from the Belgian coastline. By the time I was done stretching, I was covered in a fine grit. Blech!!! Now, I have to clean the floor before I clean me!!! 

Sweaty mcsweaty!

thats how I felt after fire 40! The choreography was only slightly easier. Personally, I’d recommend that you use the modifier until you are confident in the footwork. Chalene does a great job making tough moves easier by breaking them down. When the music starts to change, the footwork will change! Lately, I’ve been streaming with club beachbody membership. Our internet connection is less than stellar but I still like the streaming. For coaches worried it will take away from DVDs, don’t be worried. I prefer having the DVDs and use the streaming as a supplement. Right now, I don’t see it replacing DVDs. Beyond that, today has been sort of meh. I’m making cornflake baked chicken drumsticks with broccoli and rice casserole. Healthy comfort food. It’s a comfort food kind of day. 

Turbo fire

Because this happened:


We stayed a night at our favorite brewery in Belgium. They have an amazing restaurant so we treated ourselves. I don’t regret it at all. My morning began with Fire Starter from turbo fire. It was tough but I hung in there even when the choreography had me confused. Ginger Rogers I am definitely not.  10 minute trainer cardio was next just to get it done. Anyone who believes you can’t get intense in 10 minutes hasn’t met Tony Horton. By 10 am, I had already burned 1200 calories. Currently, I’m hanging out in my workout gear waiting for my neighbors dog to be dropped off so I can dogsit. She’s a cute Pomeranian and we just love her! I’ve scheduled another 10 minute trainer class and have stretch 10 left but I’m going to complete those this afternoon. Why wait? Well, because I usually nap in the afternoons. Don’t judge me. Naps are great. Except, mine are more like extreme daytime sleeping. So, I’m going to workout when I usually nap this week. Hopefully, I’ll get an energy boost and will be able to cut out naps entirely. Goals for the week:

Be consistent!

Be active every day!

Avoid naps!